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Who is Ahmet Kayakesen? About the personal characteristics and life of Ahmet Kayakesen…

Who is Ahmet Kayakesen? About the personal characteristics and life of Ahmet Kayakesen…

Turkish TV series and film actor Ahmet Kayakesen was born on September 27, 1988in Istanbul.

Name: Ahmet Kayakesen
Birthdate: September 27, 1988
Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey
Height: 183 cm
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Education: Trakya University, International Trade and Finance (Trakya Üniversitesi, Uluslararası Ticaret ve Finansman)
Talent Agency: PH7 Entertainment Management

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Hercai - İlay Erkök (TV Series, 2019 - 2020)
Hercai – İlay Erkök (TV Series, 2019 – 2020)


He was born on September 27, 1988 in Istanbul, as the son of a Bulgarian immigrant father and an Albanian immigrant mother. He grew up with the neighborhood culture in Istanbul from a young age.

He had a very good childhood, but there were also difficult times in his life. When he lost his father at an early age, at the age of 9, life matured him early. He didn’t have a life to focus on acting. He studied International Trade at Trakya University. He worked as a white collar for seven months in the import department of one of the important companies.

At that time, his cousin was the casting director; He was written to an agency on his occasion, and occasionally went to trial shoots. The relationships he established made him even more interested in acting. Afterwards, he said “I can choose acting as a profession” and directed his career in this way.

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Mükemmel Eşleşme (2022)
Mükemmel Eşleşme (2022)

He favors being sincere in all kinds of relationships. It doesn’t matter who or what status the other person is. He likes sincere, genuine dialogues. If he loves a person, he truly loves.

Ahmet Kayakesen, who likes to research, travel, see and improve myself, believes that he is developing and changing day by day. His hobbies include photography. In photography, details such as light and angle are important to him. He reads books to improve himself on this subject.

He also loves writing, especially poetry. There are some stories that he wrote based on his life. Even though he normally can’t reveal my feelings easily, his side and shield, which I have hidden since a young age, prepared him for life in every way.

Ahmet Kayakesen, who has been advancing step by step in his career since 2005, attracted attention with the Kertenkele: Yeniden Doğuş (Lizard: Rebirth) series of ATV broadcast in 2016.

Ahmet Kayakesen became popular with the character of Harun in the TV series Hercai, and the actor began to be followed by a large fan base. The actor, who has been involved in projects one after another lately; He took a role in the digital series Aynen Aynen and Nasıl Fenomen Olunur?.

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Ahmet Kayakesen, who played the leading role with the character of Kerem in the TV series Mükemmel Eşleşme, which started on the TRT1 screen during the summer, also had the misfortune that this project lasted only 13 episodes. The actress, who received various offers after the early finale of the Mükemmel Eşleşme series, continues the sets with the EGO series without taking a long break.


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