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Ahmet Kayakesen answered our questions about the Ego series!

Ahmet Kayakesen answered our questions about the Ego series!

Ahmet Kayakesen, who plays the character of Tuncay in the TV series Ego, which started to meet with the audience on Fox TV on Sunday evenings. The actor, who had a big break with the character of Harun in the TV series Hercai, took the lead role in the TV series Mükemmel Eşleşme (Perfect Match), which was broadcast on TRT1. The successful actor answered the questions about the character he played in the series Ego!

Ego series has been on the air for six episodes, and the excitement in the series is increasing. How does it make you feel to be involved in this project?
We have a nice, collaborative team. The series has an interesting story and the excitement is increasing day by day as you mentioned. I am happy to be back on the screens with the Ego project and everything is going well.

You give life to Tuncay Koraslan in the series. We first knew him as an incompetent, flirtatious and unreliable, yet ambitious person. How would you describe your character?
We agree with your codes on the character. Besides being flirtatious, unreliable and ambitious, Tuncay also has an emotional side, in my opinion. People are like that most of the time… They are shaped according to what life brings. I think we will say the same things about the character of Tuncay over time.

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While Tuncay was married, he learned that he had a son from his ex-girlfriend. Since her ex-lover Nihan was very ill, she entrusted her son to Tuncay. How will Tuncay deal with this situation? Or rather, do you think it will come out?
Yes, it was a surprise development for the audience and aroused curiosity. Of course, there will be places he cannot cope with, but I believed that Tuncay is a strong character. I think he’ll get over it.

On the one hand, Tuncay gets closer and closer with Erhan’s fiancee, Elif. They even came face to face with Erhan. Did you have a hard time shooting that scene? 🙂
It was obvious that Tuncay would be influenced by Elif. It is enjoyable to play these scenes with Alperen and Rüya. We shoot scenes without any problems, helping each other as much as we can. Because we all have a work ethic and we respect each other. It is very important in this set and I feel lucky in that respect.

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Tuncay told Elif that he was going to get a divorce and wanted her to give him a chance. He does his best to shake his trust in his fiancée. Do you think what Tuncay can do for Elif is limited or is it possible to say that the audience will be very surprised in the upcoming episodes?
Believe me, I don’t know either, I guess I can’t tell even if I know 🙂

Do you sometimes want to change the scenario?
I think this should not be something that the player has to decide once.
Of course, actors always have issues with the script. Even for a player, this is a must-have. Sometimes our only focus is on our work because so much of our time is spent on set and working. While showing this effort and self-sacrifice, one ponders how everything will be better. Everyone has a duty. The player is also responsible for giving life to the story that comes before him. The screenwriter is building this world… At the end of the day, it’s a team job.

How is sharing the same set with Alperen Duymaz, Melisa Aslı Pamuk, Rüya Helin Demirbulut? How is your day on set?
It’s going well, I’ve never had a problem with any of my fellow players. Although the sets seem like a lot of fun, many of the actors spend their time focused on their work, as they are a disciplined and time-competitive workplace. The stories are over before most of us know each other. Of course, I can’t say the same for out-of-town projects 🙂
We’re shooting a lot of scenes with Rüya right now. I think he’s a great person and colleague. Alperen’s embracing and sincere communication enabled me to adapt to the project faster. I can say the same for Melisa and my other actress friends.

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Ahmet Kayakesen answered our questions about the Ego series! 2 – ahmet kayakesen answered our questions

Do you have conversations with Erdal Küçükkömürcü on acting?
All the elders we work with are very valuable to me and it was very good for me to be fed by them. Erdal brother is also a great person. Beyond his profession, I can say that I’m glad our paths crossed. Of course, we have consultations on the story, on the acting. I would also like to thank him for always conveying his knowledge – Especially on voice acting. He is an incredible example for someone who is at the beginning of the road in voice acting like me.

You have been acting for almost 10 years. Do you remember your first audition experience? Were there any difficulties you faced in getting into the industry at first?
I started going to advertising interviews at the age of 16. In particular, I can say that my audition experience is much more than 10 years. After a lot of unsuccessful advertising auditions, I went to the shooting of my first commercial for which I was selected, without sleep and without working on it. Because before, dozens of my interviews were answered negatively and I was discouraged. But after 4 days, I got the news that I was selected and it was a very pleasing and interesting story for me.

If you could turn back time now, would you do anything differently in your career?
Many things can happen, of course. I am a person who can self-criticize myself. Everything I’ve ever experienced has brought me here. I have absolutely no regrets, but of course I have made mistakes.

We know that you have been writing lyrics for over 13-10 years. Where do you get your inspiration from?
I feel like writing is an innate ability. Of course, anyone can write if they have an interest… I believe that anyone who touches their pen to paper can write and produce something. Ferhan Şensoy had a saying about this: “One should not wait for that inspiration to come to write”. I do like that too 🙂