The television series market in Turkey has developed a lot, especially after 2000. Today, Turkish TV series are shown in many countries around the world, including the Middle East, the Balkans, the Far East and the Americas.

In this direction, as, we produce content to give an idea about Turkey’s impressive TV series and Turkish actors. You can find news, trailers, comments and information about the TV series on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long has this site existed?

The idea for the site emerged in 2020 and has been online since March 2021.

Can I be a writer for this site?

If you are interested in Turkish TV series, have a strong following and love to write, of course you can contact us. Currently, we can only work on a voluntary basis.

How can I be notified of updates?
You can follow us for up-to-date information about Turkish actors, Turkish actresses, Turkish movies and Turkish dramas.