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Özge Gürel is on her way to Italy!

Özge Gürel is on her way to Italy!

Young and successful actress Özge Gürel has become a name on the agenda both in the projects she took part in and her marriage to her colleague Serkan Çayoğlu in her private life. Advertising offers from world-famous brands are pouring in to the beautiful actress, who is currently preparing for her new project Sipahi.

Özge Gürel, who combined her life with Serkan Çayoğlu, whom she has been with for seven years, with a fairytale wedding at the historical Villa Rizzardi castle in Italy last August, will go to Italy to evaluate the offers. According to the news of Güneş Newspaper, Özge Gürel will sit at the table for offers with many popular brands of Italy.

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Özge Gürel, who was in front of the lenses for the November issue of Vogue Turkey magazine, made the following statements about the Sipahi series, which will start shooting soon. “I’m pretty excited about the drama. When I’m reading a script or making a decision about a character, where does the anger come from? For the first time, I will play a character whose anger comes from injustice. This is very exciting for me.”

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