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Sinan Tuzcu joins the cast of Sipahi series!

Sinan Tuzcu joins the cast of Sipahi series!

Preparations for the series “Sipahi”, in which Kaan Yıldırım will play the lead role, are continuing.The series, which will be broadcast on Show TV, is written by Ali Doğançay. The action-adventure series is based on a true life story. Sipahi series produced by CNP Film’s Mehmet Canpolat, is scheduled to hit the set on September 12.

Kaan Yıldırım will give life to Korkut Ali Türkoğlu, the most talented fieldman that the intelligence agency has trained in recent years. The events will begin when Korkut Ali Türkoğlu seizes a phone containing important information in an impressive operation in Bulgaria. One of the two names that Korkut Ali Türkoğlu came across in the phone containing confidential information was Goran Losic.

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The name that will give life to Goran Losic, the name on the table of MIT, will be the successful actor Sinan Tuzcu.Sinan Tuzcu last appeared in the series Alparslan: Büyük Selçuklu, which has a large fan base. The actress recently starred in CNP Film’s film “49” alongside İsmail Hacıoğlu, Saadet Işıl Aksoy, Kerem Alışık and Doğukan Polat.