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Özge Özpirinçci wanted so much, her husband Burak Yamantürk refused!

Özge Özpirinçci wanted so much, her husband Burak Yamantürk refused!

Countdown has begun for pregnant Özge Özpirinçci! Özge Özpirinçci, who married her lover Burak Yamantürk in a simple wedding ceremony in Bozburun in the past months, learned that she was pregnant while shooting the First and Last TV series.

Actress spent the summer period heavily on the sets. The actress, who took the lead role in the first and last series broadcast on BluTV with Salih Bademci, is now eagerly awaiting the birth of her daughter. Stating that she has 6-7 weeks left, the actress has passed the countdown.

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Özge Özpirinçci wanted so much, her husband Burak Yamantürk refused! 1 – pregnant ozge ozpirinci

Expressing that her health is very good and that her daughter does not tire her, the actress continues to rest. Explaining that she did not want to work for a while after giving birth, the actress said that she did not want to give birth without doing First and Last, so she consented to the intense tempo during the summer period.

Özge Özpirinçci, who published on social media that she wanted to name her daughter Üzüm, is unhappy because she did not get a positive response to this name. It turned out that his wife, Burak Yamantürk, also rejected this name.

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Actress talked about the name as follows: “I never get a positive response to Üzüm. Burak absolutely rejected Üzüm… Of course, it was a very romantic idea for me too, it was very difficult to have. There are a few other names besides that. We talk, we change. It’s almost time, they say you’ll make a decision when they see his face, we’re waiting.”

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