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Furkan Andıç who was injured in the Kara Tahta set underwent surgery

Furkan Andıç who was injured in the Kara Tahta set underwent surgery

The Kara Tahta series, broadcast on TRT 1 screens, is broadcast on Wednesday evenings. The series, which the channel has great hopes for, unfortunately cannot reach the desired ratings. Furkan Andıç’s accident in the series, where 5 episodes are left behind, upset everyone.

The shooting of the series, starring successful names such as Furkan Andıç, Miray Daner and Cengiz Bozkurt, is being held in Edirne. Furkan Andıç, whose right leg’s meniscus was torn as a result of an unfortunate accident in an action scene during the filming, was taken to the hospital after the first intervention of the medical teams.

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The famous actor, whom the doctors deemed appropriate to rest for 10 days, was brought to Istanbul after his first treatment at Edirne 1st Sultan Murat State Hospital. Furkan Andıç, who continues his treatment in a private hospital in Istanbul, was operated here.

Producer Süreyya Yaşar Önal and director Ender Mihlar visited the famous actor, who had an operation that lasted about 3 hours. Producer Süreyya Yaşar Önal shared on his social media account; “The injury of our player Dear Furkan Andıç saddened us and all his fans as a team. I hope he will get better soon and return to us and to his set. Get well soon, Furkan.” added the note.

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It was learned that Furkan Andıç was in good health and was discharged from the hospital after the operation and rested at home.