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Kara Tahta series is making its finale tonight with a happy ending!

Kara Tahta series is making its finale tonight with a happy ending!

TRT1 series Kara Tahta, starring Furkan Andıç, Miray Daner and Cengiz Bozkurt, will be on the screen with its final episode tonight.

Atlas brings Bekir to justice with his own hands. Bekir tries to use all his luck until the last moment, but now he is in vain. When Bekir reaches the end of the road, he is also confronted by his brother Kartal. Among the students, the news of Ceylan’s disappearance spreads rapidly.With the research of Atlas, Hikmet and the students, Ceylan is rescued from the bad situation she has fallen into.

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Although the money needed for Aylin’s surgery was collected, it was too late.They are confronted with a miracle while trying to explain to Aylin that they are late. The confluence of the river and the Atlas increases one more time with the university success of the students.Everyone is very happy.

When the series first started, it was a matter of curiosity, especially with the partnership of Furkan Andıç and Miray Daner. Although it attracted attention with its promotions, Kara Tahta could not reach the ratings that the channel expected from the first day. However, it was decided that the series would continue in the summer season and another chance was given. Although the fans of Kara Tahta did not want it to end, this finale made them happy as well.