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Why did Metin Akdülger leave the series SandIk Kokusu?

Why did Metin Akdülger leave the series SandIk Kokusu?

On June 12, Metin Akdülger, one of the lead actors from Show TV’s Sandik Kokusu series, which will make its season finale, said goodbye.

The last episode of the series “Sandık Kokusu” witnessed a farewell. Metin Akdülger, Atilla of the series signed by O3 Medya, left the series before the season finale on June 12. It is rumored that the main reason for this departure was Akdülger’s complaints about the script.

It is also rumored that Uğur Yücel, who plays his father Hasan, said “Hasan wouldn’t do that either” to the actor who changed his lines from time to time by saying “Atilla wouldn’t do that” and the atmosphere became tense…

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Uğur Yücel - Sandık Kokusu
Uğur Yücel – Sandık Kokusu

Metin Akdülger published the following message last night after his farewell: “Ladies and Gentlemen, Life is an adventure full of magical moments and unknowns. Atilla is one of the most magical parts of my life. The moments he gave me, the souls he introduced me to, the comrades are now in my heart, they are safe. Stories come to life as they are told, and storytellers find their own lives in their stories. I would like to convey my heartfelt gratitude and love to Atilla who gave me life and to all my friends in the team who gave him life. I love them very much and I will miss them. I would like to thank all our viewers who love our story for their great love and understanding. 🖤💛”

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Özge Özpirinçci also posted “I don’t count this and I love you so much! I have an empty corner in the caravan… I’m glad you are Metin!”