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The release date of Demet Özdemir’s new series has been announced!

The release date of Demet Özdemir’s new series has been announced!

The release date of Demet Özdemir’s new project “Dünyayla Benim Aramda”, which will take place in Disney Plus Turkey has been announced.

The release date of the eagerly awaited new original local content of The Walt Disney Company’s digital broadcasting platform Disney Plus, which started broadcasting in our country on June 14, has been announced.

By investing heavily in Turkey, Disney made an important breakthrough in spreading Turkish TV series and feature films all over the world. In addition to the fact that producing content in Turkey is cheaper than in Western countries, the high quality of the stories coming out of Turkey brings TV series projects to the agenda one after the other. In this direction, the first domestic series of the platform was Kıaçış, shared by Engin Akyürek and İrem Helvacıoğlu.

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The highly anticipated series, produced by MF Production and directed by Hülya Gezer, will meet with the audience on September 14. The poster of the series, whose script was written by Pınar Bulut, was also published. It deals with the game played on social media by a woman who realizes that her relationship, which started with a great love and passion, is no longer the same as before, and the events that accompany it, through the concept of commitment.

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In the series, which brings together successful names such as Demet Özdemir, Buğra Gülsoy, Hafsanur Sancaktutan, Metin Akdülger, İbrahim Selim, Melisa Döngel, Ali Yoğurtçuoğlu and Zerrin Tekindor, Demet Özdemir gives life to a magazine manager named “İlkin”. Buğra Gülsoy plays İlkin’s actress lover Tolga. Everything in the series starts with the social media game that İlkin sets up to test Tolga’s love for him. Haftanur Sancaktutan İlkin plays Sinem, with whom she works in the office, Zerrin Tekindor plays photographer Burçin, İbrahim Selim Tolga’s manager Cüneyt, and Melisa Döngel plays magazine employee Ceren. Metin Akdülger is included in the 5th episode of “Dünyayla Benim Aramada” and enters İlkin’s life in a surprising way.