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The second season of the Mezarlık series starts!

The second season of the Mezarlık series starts!

The second season of the series Mezarlık (Graveyard) in which veteran director Abdullah Oğuz draws attention to the bleeding wound of our society, femicides, starts shooting in June.

The series Mezarlık (Graveyard) met with the audience on Netflix on June 17, 2022 and attracted great attention. Season 2 of the series, on which Abdullah Oğuz is working meticulously, will be set in early June.

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Season 2 of the series, whose first season consists of 4 episodes of 1.5 hours titled Güneşten Daha Sıcak (Hotter than the Sun), Bir Nefes Kadar Yakın (As Close as a Breath), Göldeki Kadın (The Woman in the Lake) and Düğüm (The Knot), will be shot in 4 episodes and will include 8 stories.

In the series Mezarlık (Graveyard) produced by ANS Productions and Evrensel Film, Birce Akalay gives life to Önem Özülkü, Superintendent of the Special Crimes Unit. Bringing together and Sezgin Uzunbekiroğlu, the series “deals with femicides in a shocking language.

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The series “Everything returns to the roots of its embodiment. Our body becomes earth, our blood becomes water, our heat becomes fire, our breath becomes air… Those born in harmony die in harmony…”