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Statement from Can Yaman about the scandalous video!

Statement from Can Yaman about the scandalous video!

Continuing his career in Italy, Can Yaman, in addition to his TV series and commercial projects, expanded his fan base in Italy with the association he founded in Italy, Can Yaman for Children.

The actor, who was met with a great flood of love wherever he went, also attracted attention with his humble attitude and smiling face towards his loved ones, especially children. However, this time Yaman became a hot topic with his harsh reaction to his fan. Yaman, who was filmed by a fan while driving in the car, took the phone and threw it.

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A statement came from the player regarding the issue. Can Yaman talked about what happened after the footage that took place in front of the Hotel delle Palme in Palermo.

Telefonu alıp fırlattı! Can Yaman kendisini hayranının telefonunu alıp fırlattı #canyaman

“My fans are not that kind of people. This person was very rude from the first moment, neither asking for a photo nor saying hello. Not letting Roberto in even though he asked him to move, responding several times in a bullying and threatening manner, without moving and using the flash.” He kept pestering us by pointing it at our eyes. Eventually he let him in. While we were in the car he kept filming me from an inch away, like I was a caged animal or an object. This is not a fan, I can tell who’s a fan and who’s not. I’ve never been rude and “I won’t. A true fan who respects me and above all does not bother me. I have never refused a photo or a hug and have never felt the need to react other than being so rude.”