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Burcu Özberk caught coronavirus!

Burcu Özberk caught coronavirus!

Coronavirus cases have started to rise again. The virus infected many people, including famous names in the television and art world. One of the last names caught was actress Burcu Özberk.

32-year-old actress Burcu Özberk announced to her fans and followers that she was infected with the corona virus with a statement she made on her social media accounts, Instagram and Twitter.

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Informing his followers about his health status, the famous actor used the following statements; “I was surprised that I’ve never been diagnosed with corona, my test was positive. I’m having a hard time. Cases have really increased. Take care of yourself 🙌🏻”

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In a short time after the announcement, many messages from Burcu Özberk’s fans and followers including get well soon and urgent healing came.