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Arka Sokaklar series will shine with young names!

Arka Sokaklar series will shine with young names!

Directed by Orhan Oğuz, the longest uninterrupted TV series in Turkish television history, Arka Sokaklar, is getting ready to meet its audience with its 17th season. The screenwriters of the series, Ozan and Sinan Yurdakul brothers, who have a new adventure and new stories in each episode, seem to continue to keep the pulse of the audience high in the new season.

In the 17th season, new names join the strong cast of the series, which consists of successful and masterful names such as Zafer Ergin, Şevket Çoruh, Özgür Ozan, İlker İnanoğlu, Ozan Çobanoğlu and Oya Okar.

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Among the names joining the cast, Cansın Çekili, whom we know from the Mucize Doctor, will play Commissioner Ayşe Arıcan, while Batuhan Ekşi, who you will remember from the series Kardeş Çocukları, will give life to the character of Commissioner Yavuz Aslan. In addition, Sebahat Kumaş, who is in the minds with the series Aşk Mantık Revenge, in which she recently appeared, will appear in front of the audience with the character of “Assistant Commissioner Nurcan”.

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The Arka Sokaklar series, produced by Erler Film and prepared to connect the audience to the screen with another magnificent season, will be on Kanal D screens every Friday evening.