Alper Saldıran with Algı Eke met in the same film!

Alper Saldıran with Algı Eke met in the same film!

The filming of the film “Sil Baştan Kaynanam” starring Algı Eke and Alper Saldıran has been completed. Directed by Raşit Çelikezer and written by Barış Başar, the film also featured popular actors such as Asuman Dabak, Zeynep Eronat, Yeşim Dalgıçer and Ünal Yeter.

Director Raşit Çelikezer stated that everything went well with the filming and said: “We encountered better weather conditions than we expected, the people of Sivas are very helpful and sincere, they helped us a lot. Thank you very much to all of them. We are so comfortable that we joke between ourselves, ‘Let’s shoot the sequel right away’. I think this warmth will be reflected on the screen.”

While the actors made various statements about the movie, Perception Eke, who gave life to the character of Ceylan, said: “As an actor who has been involved in many projects outside the city, Sivas is one of the cities I feel most comfortable in. From now on, I am open to all project proposals from Sivas… We shot in historical places. Very beautiful pictures came out. I’m 36 years old and I never wore a night coat in July. I wore it here and I am very happy. Because I don’t like the heat at all.”

Alper Saldıran, who plays the role of Ünal, emphasized that he was from Sivas on his father’s side and said:

“We were really well received. People are very warm. The last time I came to Sivas was 32 years ago, I am from Sivas on my father’s side. I feel very possessed by the people of Sivas. This is very interesting and a feeling that I have never experienced before. Working without sweating is also great…”