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Alina Boz’s partner in the new series has been announced!

Alina Boz’s partner in the new series has been announced!

The preparations for the new series, whose code name is “Zengin Kız”, will be played by Alina Boz, who pursues the producers with her pure beauty and talent, continues at full speed.

The series that Medyapım will shoot for FOX was scripted by Deniz Akçay, based on the idea of director Merve Girgin. In the series, the struggle of babysitter Zeynep, who rebelled against her poor life, will be transferred to the screen in a colorful language.

The large amount of money that Zeynep receives, which Alina Boz will give life to, will be her biggest test. On this journey, it was wondered would play the character of business person Onur Köksal, one of Zeynep’s goals she wanted to achieve and with whom she would have a great love.

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Tarık Emir Tekin - Zengin Kız
Another very handsome and talented actor joined Zengin Kız (Rich Girl), which brought Alina Boz, Hazal Filiz Küçükköse and Nazan Kesal together.

Tarık Emir Tekin was hired for the role of Onur Köksal. This season, Tarık Tekin received an offer from Ay Yapım’s Beverly Hills, 90210 adaptation of “Gelecek Uzun Sürer” series. The young star used her decision in favor of Medpapım, the production company of her old series Sadakatsiz.

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Tarık Emir Tekin won the admiration of everyone with the TV series Unfaithful, which he played last season. The young actor experienced his first TV series with a project that left his mark on Kanal D for two seasons. Tarık Emir Tekin, who won the admiration of everyone with his successful performance, became a person recognized by the masses as well.