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You Knock On My Door (Sen Çal Kapımı) Tv Series

You Knock On My Door (Sen Çal Kapımı) Tv Series

MF Yapım imzalı Sen Çal Kapımı dizisinin ilk bölümü 8 Temmuz 2020 tarihinde yayınlandı. Dizinin yönetmen koltuğunda birinci bölümde Ender Mıhlar ve Yusuf Pirhasan varken, ikinci bölümden itibaren yerlerini Altan Dönmez aldı. Romantik komedi türündeki dizinin hikayesini Ayşe Üner Kutlu’ya ait. İki sezon ekranlarda izleyicisiyle buluşan dizisinin başrolünü Hande Erçel ve Kerem Bürsin paylaştı. Dizi 8 Eylül 2021 tarihinde yayımlanan 52. bölümü ile final yaparak sona erdi.

The first episode of Sen Çal Kapımı series by MF Production was broadcast on 8 July 2020. While Ender Mihlar and Yusuf Pirhasan were in the director’s chair in the first episode, Altan Dönmez took their place from the second episode. The story of the romantic comedy series belongs to Ayşe Üner Kutlu. Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin shared the lead roles in the series, which met with the audience for two seasons. The series ended with its 52nd episode, which was broadcast on September 8, 2021.

FOX’s popular TV series “Sen Çal Kapımı”, which was produced by MF YAPIM and sold abroad by Madd Entertainment, was awarded in the “Best Foreign Series” category at the 2021 Produ Award Ceremony.


Original Title: Sen Çal Kapımı
English Title: You Knock on My Door
Also Known As: Love is in the Air
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 52
Broadcast Network: Fox Tv
Broadcast Period: July 8, 2020 – September 8, 2021
Production Company: MF Yapım
Director: Altan Donmez
Starring: Hande Erçel, Kerem Bürsin, Bige Önal, Neslihan Yeldan, Evrim Doğan, Anıl İlter, Melisa Döngel
Screen Writer: Ayse Uner Kutlu
Theme music composer: Aytekin Ataş
Filming Locations: Istanbul, Turkey


Eda Yıldız (Hande Erçel), who connects all her hopes in life to her education, comes face to face with Serkan Bolat (Kerem Bürsin), who cuts her scholarship to study abroad and causes her to graduate from high school. If Serkan Bolat pretends to be engaged to Eda for two months, he offers to return his scholarship.

Although Eda first rejects the offer of this man she hates, she is forced to accept when the conditions change. While pretending to be engaged, Serkan and Eda begin to have a passionate, challenging relationship that will make them forget all they know is true. Because love is hard. And that’s why it’s amazing.

You Knock on My Door (Sen Çal Kapımı) tv series story is about two young persons, Serkan and Eda, who enter into a contract so that they would act as if they are dating. Will the press believe in the surprise love between Serkan and Eda? Will Eda get along with Serkan? Will Serkan manage to break his ex-girfriend’s engagement? Will Eda continue her education and eventually get university degree?


Eda Yıldız (Hande Erçel)
Eda is a modern fairy girl from the city. She is beautiful, smart, talented, kind-hearted, outspoken. An original, unique young woman who brings color to the environment she enters, with her dressing style, behavior and lifestyle. The biggest passion of Eda, who has made up for the absence of her parents and the lack of being a family, as an extremely social child, is flowers. She’s a little impulsive, she can’t stop saying what she thinks, but she shines a light in every environment she enters.

Serkan Bolat (Kerem Bürsin)
A handsome, charismatic, tough guy. A very well educated, knowledgeable and ruthless businessman. He is running from success to success by growing his father’s holding. He knows how to turn the business world against him like a good chess master. He likes to take risks. He stands behind every decision he makes and goes all the way. He has no motivation other than work and success. He’s obsessed with not losing, and that’s why he’s secretly afraid to love.

Aydan Bolat (Neslihan Yeldan)
Serkan’s mother. The only daughter of a well-established, important family. She got married to Alptekin Bey by running away from home. But when they were a passionate couple, their relationship fell apart. A woman who doesn’t like anyone or anything, who wants to control everything around her. He has agoraphobia. But especially thanks to his chauffeur, Seyit, he knows everything that is going on in the socialite world.

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Kemal Özcan (Sinan Albayrak)
Kemal Özcan was born in Istanbul. His parents worked on Aydan’s family farm for many years. His father is a horse groomer. Kemal grew up with horses with his father since he was a child, and fell in love with Aydan the first time he saw her. He is Aydan’s first love. Kemal is a handsome and mature man aged 50-55 years old. It has a comfortable and natural look. He is someone who has taken everything from his life, freed from all his ambitions, and now just wants peace. He is an attractive man. He is smart and prudent. He is in order. He is an introverted, shy, self-contained person. He doesn’t like to show his emotions. Kemal has worked in many parts of the country. Sometimes he worked as a groom, sometimes as a trader. After working and saving enough money for himself, he returned to Istanbul. He has never been married.

Ayfer Yıldız (Evrim Doğan)
She is the only member of Eda’s family, her aunt. She is a very resourceful, practical, smashing woman. He took over Eda’s mother’s florist so that Eda’s order would not be disturbed. Ayfer is a crazy woman. She is very funny, funny but vice versa is also very dirty, she. Candid, sincere, but ebb and flowing like Eda. He also grew up with Eda, they looked alike in the end. Ayfer is always Eda’s best friend, her safe harbor and her confidant.

Engin Sezgin (Anıl İlter)
He is Serkan’s partner. Emotional, not easy to say no to, humane. He has the exact opposite character of Serkan. He does not know how to manage the moments of crisis, and his forgetfulness and lack of planning cause each crisis to get bigger. Engin’s emotional side also affects his relationship with women. He desperately wants to find the woman of his life. But the result is always disappointing.

Melek Yücel (Elçin Afacan)
Also known as Melo. Eda’s childhood friend from the neighborhood. A chubby, cheerful young woman at peace with her body. He has lots of laughter and tears too… He likes to dress up, to taunt. Graduated from home economics department, works as a part-time cashier, part-time hostess. She’s obsessed with finding rich husbands and having lots of kids. Every love ends in disappointment.

Pırıl Baytekin (Başak Gümülcinelioğlu)
Interior architect. She is a very stylish, nice woman. Tough, sharp-tongued, averse to those in the office; is sweeter than honey, smiling and kind to the customer. He is very successful in his job, very ambitious. She has taken up a job in the office even though no one wanted personnel management. In every meeting, he must have an opinion on the subject. She is effective against Engin, but she is afraid of Serkan’s attitudes and words.

Alican Aytekin (Seyfi Çiçek)
He is the driver and confidant of Mrs. Aydan. She dresses very elegantly, her pronunciation is neat and polite. She’s subtle, smart, and has a cynical sense of humor. He is aware of everything that is going on around. He admires Aydan Hanım. There is nothing he can’t do for her. Agent, fraud, disguise… He will do whatever it takes, as long as Ms. Aydan doesn’t get bored.

Erdem Şangay (Sarp Bozkurt)
He is Engin’s assistant. Or rather, he acts as if he does. He is trying to advise everyone on nonsensical matters. It doesn’t care about anything. That’s why he postpones every job, forgets it or does it wrong and drags the office into chaos. Erdem is actually really smart. There is a problem of compatibility with real life.

(Sinan Helvacı)
He is the partner of the hotel and also the owner of the hotel cafe. The owner of the hotel is Deniz’s cousin. He is a quiet, calm, well-balanced good man. Enjoying and being happy in life is his priority and work is always secondary. She loves children very much. He admires Kiraz and is platonic in love with Eda. He never had the courage to say it, because he is aware that Eda sees him as a friend. Moreover, after Serkan Bolat came, how passionately Eda fell in love with him… He loves Eda from afar, it is enough for him not to be hurt or upset. He does not expect more. If he looks around, the ideal woman for him is actually not Eda, but standing right next to him. The woman he had the most fun with, whom he trusted the most, whom he thought to be very beautiful and very smart, is actually Melo.

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Kerem (Sinan Özer)
Eda’s assistant. He grew up in an orphanage and has no one. Eda met Kerem on her way home and then took her with her. Kerem is a very smart and talented young man, but he has problems from his childhood. He cannot trust people. He did not take the university entrance exam. Eda hired him in exchange for going to university. He has a very good drawing ability and visual intelligence. But Kerem has no faith in himself either. He is unaware of his potential. He falls in love with Pina, but he is sure that this rich, naturally lucky and wealthy girl will not be interested in him. That’s why she misunderstands everything he says and treats her badly.

Deniz (Ayşe Akın)
Owner of the hotel. A wealthy woman whose family has spoiled her for life. He still wants whatever he wants like a child. His father put him in charge of the hotel so he could take on more responsibility. Deniz thinks he is running the hotel, but in the background his father’s team and Burak manage the hotel. He was married many times and soon divorced. A woman who is smart but uses her intelligence in the wrong places. As soon as he sees Serkan Bolat, he becomes obsessed. Whatever he will do, he will get it, but he has no chance. Serkan’s eyes see no one but Eda. Deniz is a woman whose mind works very differently, who is crazy, who says what she says as she can.

Pina (Doğa Özüm)
Serkan’s nephew. He lives abroad with his family and studies architecture. He started his internship with Serkan. Being a good architect is his only goal, he wants to show himself; so he works hard. His family cherished him and sent him to the best schools. He has always been raised with love and care. Although she is very prone to pampering, Pina has never been pampered. That’s why she gets angry when Kerem treats her like a spoiled, rich, torpedo girl. There is a huge difference between the two in terms of education, family and finances, but Pina doesn’t mind them. She is also in love with Kerem. But as Kerem messes with him, he gets angry with Kerem. There is a constant fight, noise, struggle between them.

Kiraz (Maya Başol)
She is the only daughter of Eda and Serkan. She is a very sweet, smiling, original girl. She inherited her beauty, stubbornness, and insanity from her mother. He inherited his allergy to strawberries, his ability to draw and waking up early in the morning, his love for astronomy and horses. She has always grown up with love, care and a happy environment. She thinks her father is an astronaut. She is waiting for him to come one day. As soon as they see Serkan Bolat, a secret bond forms between them. Just like his mother, he will touch Serkan’s nerves and upset his balance and fascinate him. Serkan will love without knowing that Kiraz is his daughter.

Selin Atakan (Bige Önal)
Serkan’s childhood friend. A successful, organized, smart woman. Serkan’s father and Selin’s father are half partners in the holding. She is the only child of an educated, wealthy, good family. The person who knows Serkan best. As much as Serkan allows.

Ferit Şimşek (Çağrı Çıtanak)
Selin’s fiancee. Rich inherited from his father. He runs the hotel. Handsome, spoiled, tactless, show-off. Everything he wanted in life was presented on a golden platter: he was educated in very good schools despite his average success, was brought up by taking advantage of all the opportunities of his family, and eventually became the head of a hotel chain.

Ceren Başar (Melisa Döngel)
Also known as Cer… Eda’s friend from university. Beautiful, smart, stylish and successful. Her mother, father, older brother, uncle, and grandfather are all lawyers. The rest are judges, prosecutors. As can be expected, Ceren studied law under the intense pressure of her family. However, her only dream is to become a shoe designer. She is very fond of shoes.