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Will it be revealed that the murderer is Cemre in Tozluyaka?

Will it be revealed that the murderer is Cemre in Tozluyaka?

NTC Medya’s “Tozluyaka” series, whose script was written by Yekta Torun and directed by Semih Bağcı, continues to meet with the audience on Sunday evenings, the new broadcast day.

The story of the series, which brought together important names such as Emre Kınay, Dolunay Soysert, Tayanç Ayaydın, Nur Author, Mirac Sezen, Ecem Çalhan, Ulvi Kahvaoğlu, Serra rice, Çağla Şimşek was highly appreciated.

Continuing to surprise the audience with every episode, Tozluyaka will be on the screen with its 10th episode tonight.

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Everyone believes that the murderer is Kenan. While Kenan is struggling to acquit himself, he asks for help from the most unlikely person, Cemre. If he finds Vefa’s watch, he will be saved. Cemre, who learns the existence of the watch, will try to reach it before anyone else. But these uneasy states of hers do not go unnoticed by Hazal. He is trying to explain and prove to everyone that Cemre is hiding something.

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Unaware of everything, Ali is in love with Cemre, while Zeyno enters into a different plan because of a secret revealed by Hazal. In all this turmoil, Berk continues to reckon with himself, and his pain continues to come to light.

Cemre, on the other hand, is very afraid that everyone will find out the truth. Or does someone know that he is the killer himself? A new game has begun, and whoever made it knows the truth! But who is this person?