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Who is Berkin Gökbudak, the wife of Aslı Enver?

Who is Berkin Gökbudak, the wife of Aslı Enver?

It is often wondered who Berkin Gökbudak, who married the beautiful actress Aslı Enver in November 2022, is.

Berkin Gökbudak, who graduated from Sabancı University Industrial Engineering Department, completed his master’s degree in Galatasaray University Marketing Communication Management Department. Berkin Gökbudak, who has an 9-year-old child, worked as a product manager, business analytics, sales effectiveness, global product manager, and customer relations in a company.

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Aslı Enver, who had wanted to become a mother for years, achieved her dream of a happy family by marrying Berkin Gökbudak. Berkin Gökbudak and Aslı Enver welcomed their daughter Elay in July.