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When will the second season of the Netflix series Terzi begin?

When will the second season of the Netflix series Terzi begin?

The Terzi series, which was broadcast on Netflix and starring Çağatay Ulusoy, is getting ready to meet the audience again soon after the first season. The new season of the series, whose first season was broadcast on May 2, will begin on July 28.

About Terzi (The Tailor) Season 2:

Esvet’s exit from his life causes great pain and anger in Peyami. Dimitri is ready to be with Esvet, leaving everything behind. Cemre, who has entered the life of Peyami, who has turned into a completely different person with the helplessness and pain she is in, is her biggest trouble partner during this period, while Peyami is getting closer to the truth about her mother, step by step.

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Will There Be a Season 3 of Terzi’ (The Tailor)?

While there has been no official announcement yet about a second season of Terzi (The Tailor), we can confirm that the series will indeed have not only a second season but also a third season as Netflix filmed all three seasons of the series back to back.

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As the first season ended with a major cliffhanger and unresolved plot points, viewers can expect the same level of thrill (and romance) from the upcoming seasons. Unlike traditional Turkish dramas that run for over two hours an episode, the 60-minute run time of Terzi (The Tailor) barely scratched the surface, leaving room to flesh out the back story of each character in forthcoming seasons.