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What will happen in the 18th episode of the Gecenin Ucunda?

What will happen in the 18th episode of the Gecenin Ucunda?

The 18th episode of the TV series “Gecenin Ucunda”, which was postponed due to the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquake, will meet with the audience when the television broadcasts return to normal. Despite the low ratings of the series, which continues to be broadcast on Star TV on Tuesday evenings, passionate fans of the series seem satisfied with the course of the story.

Macide was very upset by Kazım’s departure to Ankara without him, and her mind remained with him. In addition, the fact that only Nazlı was with Kazım made Macide very uneasy. Macide, who is very jealous of her husband and cannot stop responding to Nazli’s attitudes, takes action. With a surprise decision, he goes to Ankara with the two of them. Nazli, on the other hand, is not happy with Macide’s presence.

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Will Macide be able to control her temper and eliminate Nazli’s threat? On the other hand, Kazım finds Macide’s friendship with Nejat dangerous. However, Kazım will act more calmly than Macide, roll up his sleeves to show power to Nejat and take care of his marriage.

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Neslihan Atagül, Kadir Doğulu, Zuhal Olcay, Bestemsu Özdemir, Sarp Levendoğlu and Bertan Aslani are among the leading actors of the series Gecenin Ucunda.