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The success of Kardeşlerim is spreading around the world!

The success of Kardeşlerim is spreading around the world!

Produced by NGM Productions, ATV’s popular series Kardeşlerim (For My Family) is frequently mentioned both in Turkey and in the world. The series, which attracted great attention in the Middle East, Europe and the Balkans under the name “For My Family”, was recently licensed in Russia, Kazakhstan, Spain, Lebanon, Romania and Peru. Thus, the number of countries where the My Brothers series was shown increased to 50.

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Kardeşlerim series, which brought the hopeful story of the Eren brothers, whose only concern is the struggle for life, to the screens, met its audience with its third season in recent weeks. With this success, the series, which has also made a name for itself in international channels, is followed with interest in the countries where it is broadcast.

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Starring Celil Nalçakan, Cüneyt Mete, Fadik Sevin Atasoy, Ahu Yağtu, Simge Selçuk, Yiğit Koçak, Su Burcu Yazgı Coşkun, Aylin Akpınar, Onur Seyit Yaran, Cihan Şimşek, Melis Minkari, Lizge Cömert, Recep Usta, Berk Ali Çatal. Kardeşlerim (For My Family) will also take part in the MIPCOM Content Fair to be held in Cannes this year.