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The gender of Eda Ece’s baby has been revealed!

The gender of Eda Ece’s baby has been revealed!

Eda Ece, who married the famous basketball player Buğrahan Tuncer in a magnificent wedding last June, is excitedly waiting for the day when she will hold her baby in her arms.

Successful actress Eda Ece came to the fore with the news that she was expecting a baby at the end of the summer. The gender of the baby of the beautiful actress, who is in her 4th month of pregnancy, has been revealed. Eda Ece and Buğrahan Tuncer couple will have a daughter.

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On the other hand, the famous actress, who had advertisers chasing her, made a new deal and became the face of the world-famous cosmetics brand Yves Rocher. The successful actor shared a new photo today and said, “I vomited for 3 months and came back. My hair is back to work too😂 There’s work to do now. I will tell you what I did. Stay tuned!” published his message.