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The first promotional video of the Dokuz Oğuz series created excitement!

The first promotional video of the Dokuz Oğuz series created excitement!

Young talents Kubilay Aka, Deniz Işın, Yasemin Kay Allen and master name Hakan Boyav met in the TV series “Dokuz Oğuz”. Produced by Gold Film, with Cem Akyoldaş in the director’s chair, it will meet with FoxTV viewers as a soldier series that will come to the fore with its action scenes.

As it will be remembered, military serials were very popular for a period, and channels appeared before the audience with similar projects one after the other. Among these series, Savaşçı series was one of the longest-running projects that deeply affected the audience. Having passed the first four seasons with great success, the series came to the screen with a different cast in the fifth season and the finale was made in a short time.

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With the Dokuz Oğuz series, Fox TV is making a comeback to the military series again. Commander Batur, nicknamed Darkness (Kubilay Aka) in the “Dokuz Oğuz” series, which shows that the action will never decrease with the first promotional trailer, sets up a secret special operations team of nine, including contract soldiers Okan (Taylan Meydan) and Yaşar (Kayhan Açıkgöz).

The first promotional video of the Dokuz Oğuz series created excitement! 1 – dokuz oguz series team

The task of this team is to protect people of Turkish origin living outside Turkey from threats in the environment. The team takes action with the first episode and their stories and struggles begin. Colonel Tomris Toprak; He continued to work meticulously to establish the “Turkish World Emergency Response Team” and established the Oguz Team, consisting of the most distinguished soldiers. This unit, which is the apple of the eye of the Turkish Armed Forces, will fight for the Turks who are persecuted and persecuted all over the world.

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The shooting of the series, which includes Kubilay Aka, Deniz Işın, Yasemin Kay Allen, Hakan Boyav, Tuncer Salman, Dağhan Külegeç, Kayhan Açıkgöz, Serhan Onat, Rami Narin, Volkan Keskin, Taylan Meydan, Sahra Şaş and Mehmet Çevik started in Ankara.

“Dokuz Oğuz” will be on FOX very soon, with the epic story of a new peak reached in Mehmetçik’s legend of more than two thousand years.

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