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The development that will shock the fans in the Mahkum series!

The development that will shock the fans in the Mahkum series!

Mahkum series, which met with its audience last season, attracted millions of viewers to the screens when it first started and had a magnificent debut. The series revealed such a successful story in the first season that no one could remain indifferent to it. When the magnificent performance of Onur Tuna and İsmail Hacıoğlu was added to this, the Prisoner series made one of the most ambitious debuts of the last season.

But everything came to light when the story of the original series had to end and a new story had to be continued. When the separation of the leading actress such as Seray Kaya was added to this, the collapse of the Mahkum series began. Even the participation of a very influential actor like Talat Bulut did not affect the bad course in the ratings.

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Despite the falling ratings towards the end of the first season of the Mahkum series, the fans were very pleased that the second season was approved. In fact, the news that there was a great change in the sense of the scenario in the summer period, and the participation of brand new and ambitious names in the series increased the excitement.

The development that will shock the fans in the Mahkum series! 1 – mahkum onur tuna

A new one was added to the series projects that were decided to be final this season, and it was reported that FOX TV’s MF Production series Mahkum made its finale.

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In the letter sent to the team today, “We regret to inform you that the screen adventure of our Mahkum project has come to an end with the broadcast of Episode 31. We have worked together shoulder to shoulder since the first day. We had a great success and we were proud. Thank you to everyone for the production. Good luck to all of our hands and efforts…” sentences were included.