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The choice of the beautiful actress Damla Sönmez was the Blue Exile series!

The choice of the beautiful actress Damla Sönmez was the Blue Exile series!

The shooting of the Blue Exile (Mavi Sürgün) series, which will feature Caner Cindoruk and, will soon begin in Marmaris. The leading actress of the series had been wondering for a while. This name was successful and beautiful actress Damla Sönmez.

O3 Medya’s boss, Saner Ayar, is starting to shoot TV series for South America after Arab countries. The successful producer agreed with Damla Sönmez, Caner Cindoruk and Serkan Altunorak, whose TV series are widely watched in South America, for the Mavi Sürgün (Blue Exile) series.

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While Murat Dişli is writing the script of the project, which is planned to be shot in Marmaris, Nezaket Coşkun sits in the director’s chair of the series.

Caner Cindoruk - Serkan Altunorak
Caner Cindoruk – Serkan Altunorak

In the Blue Exile series, Caner Cindoruk will give life to Oğuz, a successful SAT commando. Oğuz, who lost his wife Ayda, goes to Marmaris with his two children as a result of a bad incident related to his job. One day, Oğuz saves a woman named Defne in the sea. Working as an Entertainment Manager in a hotel in Cyprus, Defne’s life full of secrets changes Oğuz’s whole order. In pursuit of Defne, there is a dark man named Kürşat. Damla Sönmez will play Defne and Serkan Altunorak will portray Kürşat in the series where the events took place out of breath.

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The 26-episode series, whose preparations continue at full speed, is planned to be broadcast in our country after South America. The series will also reveal the enchanting natural beauties of the Aegean region, which fascinates tourists.