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Songül Öden came face to face with death during the shooting of the series!

Songül Öden came face to face with death during the shooting of the series!

Songül Öden survived a great danger on the set of the series “Nomen”, in which she shared the lead role with Halit Ergenç. The successful actor was urgently hospitalized.

Songül Öden, one of Turkey’s most successful actresses, takes part in two TV series during the summer season. Both projects are being filmed for Disney Plus. The first TV series of Songül Öden, Aras Bulut İynemli’s “Atatürk” project, signed by Lanistar Media, in which the great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was brought to life… Songül Öden plays Atatürk’s mother, Zübeyde Hanım, in the series to be shot with a giant production.

The other TV series project is the “Nomen” project by Medyapım, in which Songül Öden will take the leading role together with Halit Ergenç and Melis Sezen. Songül Öden, who will give life to Halit Ergenç’s wife in the series, was hospitalized during the filming she went to shoot an accident scene the other day.

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Songül Öden - Uysallar
In the TV series “Nomen” directed by Özer Feyzioğlu, because the ignition was left on, the car went into accident mode and the airbag was suddenly turned on. The player, who was stuck in the seat and suffered a blow to his abdomen and arm areas, was urgently taken to the hospital. Songül Öden, who was first intervened and discharged, could not get over the shock she experienced for a long time. The famous actor continues to shoot the Atatürk TV series.

Songül Öden, who played a leading role in the spread of Turkish series to many countries of the world by making the Gümüş series with Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ years ago, was one of the names that became the pride of Turkey with many projects over the years.

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Fans are delighted to see the famous actor, who has recently appeared in the TV series “My Son” and “Uysallar”, in the projects of an entertainment giant like Disney Plus. It is expected that both the Atatürk series and the production named Nomen will make very positive contributions to the actor’s popularity abroad.

The actress, who now focuses on serials, successfully continues the difficult process of appearing in front of the audience with 3-4 different characters in the same year.