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Sincere explanations from Şifanur Gül!

Sincere explanations from Şifanur Gül!

Şifanur Gül is a young talent known for her passion for an acting career. Entering the Department of Theatre at the Faculty of Language and History-Geography (DTCF), the cultural and artistic stronghold of Turkey, was a turning point for her. After trying different departments at three different universities, she realised that her heart was always in DTCF. Talking about what she learnt and the happy moments she experienced during her school years, she expresses that this experience was like a dream.

Şifanur Gül’s first acting audition was a lesson for her. Although she did not fully understand how auditions work, this experience taught her an important lesson. Although she finds her disappointment at the time funny now, this experience made a significant contribution to her career.

Şifanur Gül, who states that she has difficulty watching herself on the screen, says that she realises different things every time she watches. However, in addition to this situation, feeling proud has a special place.

Şifanur Gül - Mag Temmuz Kapak
Şifanur Gül – Mag July Kapak

Talking about the series “Bird Flight”, which has been finalised in the past months, she states that it was a great pleasure to play the character of Güliz in this project. She says that she enjoyed playing this character and never wanted the series to end.

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The series “Red Room” has a special place for Şifanur Gül. Gül, who dreamed of taking part in this project from the first day it was broadcast, even told her manager, “It is my dream to play in the Red Room.” When her dream came true, she states that everything went exactly as she felt.

Talking about the funny moments he experienced on the set, he explains that after working intensive hours, he sometimes finds himself in a funny situation. Clumsy times are just a few of these memories.

Şifanur Gül, who does not believe in superstitions, says that there are words and numbers that she believes bring good luck. She adds that anything with a star in it makes her feel good.

Sincere explanations from Şifanur Gül! 1 – sifanur gul mag dergi fotograf

Gül, who prefers to watch “Friends” to relax herself after a busy day, says that she has learnt to take even the most difficult moments in her life simply. She constantly reminds herself that this moment will be gone in a few hours or days and believes that everything will be fine in time.

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Şifanur Gül, who enjoys skin care, watching something and drinking coffee in the time she has for herself, also loves travelling. She thinks that winning the conservatory and embarking on a career journey are the biggest achievements in her life.

If she had the chance to switch places with someone for a day, she would want to switch places with her mum. She emphasises that the most valuable quality she has is never giving up. Gül, who does not favour the idea of becoming invisible, states that the quote she is inspired by is “Keep your excitement and don’t let anyone take it away”.

If he were to leave a note to his future self, he would remind him of this quote: “Keep your enthusiasm and don’t let anyone take it away.” She states that the most radical decision she made in her life was to move to Istanbul.

Şifanur Gül continues to be a shining star both on stage and on screen.