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Simay Barlas joined the cast of Ömer series!

Simay Barlas joined the cast of Ömer series!

Produced by OGM Pictures, Star’s popular series Ömer included young actress Simay Barlas. The beautiful actress will play the role of Süreyya, whom Ömer agrees to meet after his disappointment.

Ömer, who proposes marriage to Gamze with high hopes, is greatly disappointed with the answer he receives. After his disappointment, Omer, who agreed to meet with Süreyya at the insistence of his father Reşat, how will he act in the face of events that develop faster than he expected? Will Gamze be aware of Ömer’s meeting with Süreyya?

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Simay Barlas had a big break as Murat Yıldırım’s partner in the Aziz series, which was broadcast last season. Fans of the series, who found Murat Yıldırım and Simay Barlas very successful, stated many times in the comments they made on social media that they got along well and found their energy very good. Unfortunately, the Aziz series, which made a strong impression on the Show TV screen with its successful debut in the first season, could not continue this success in the second season and was canceled with the early final decision.

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Ömer series is on Star on Monday evening at 20.00 with its new episode.