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Pınar Deniz will go to the field to draw attention to breast cancer!

Pınar Deniz will go to the field to draw attention to breast cancer!

The basketball game to be played at Sinan Erdem Sports Hall on October 21 will start with Pınar Deniz’s jump ball with the Pink Ball to will draw attention to breast cancer. About 2 million 300 thousand women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. Breast cancer, as the most common type of cancer in women in Turkey, has a rate of 25% among all cancer types.

The Pink Ball on the Field project, carried out in cooperation with Anadolu Medical Center and Anadolu Efes Sports Club, is being held for the 9th time this year to remind that early diagnosis saves lives in breast cancer and to raise awareness. Deniz posed for another supporter of the project, the famous photographer Tamer Yılmaz.

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Stating that she is happy to contribute to raising awareness of early diagnosis in breast cancer, Pınar Deniz said, “After being involved in the project, I learned more about the subject. “Unfortunately, breast cancer is a very common type of cancer, but we know that early diagnosis increases the success rate in treatment and this is of vital importance.”

Stating that she enjoys social responsibility projects especially for women, Pınar Deniz said, “We owe both ourselves and our loved ones to go to a doctor’s check-up once a year, especially after the age of 40. For our health, we should have our check-ups done without fear, without interruption, without saying ‘no way’, and we should encourage all women around us to do the same. On October 21, I will do the skydiving alone to raise awareness, but I know that all women who hear my voice from their screens and from the stands will be with me. Together, we will spread this important message.”