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Ömer and Neslihan came face to face in the 93rd episode of Teşkilat series!

Ömer and Neslihan came face to face in the 93rd episode of Teşkilat series!

The Turkish action-drama series Teşkilat, starring Murat Yıldırım and Aybüke Pusat and about the special forces team working in the National Intelligence Organization, continues to provide excitement and tension to the audience in its fourth season. Excitement and tension were at a high level in the last episode of the Teşkilat series, which aired last Sunday evening with its 93rd episode.

The Teşkilat, a Turkish action-drama television series about a special forces team working for the National Intelligence Organization, returned for its third season on TRT 1 on January 23, 2024. The series, which has been a fan favorite since it first premiered three seasons ago, continued to deliver excitement and suspense in its latest episode.

Ömer, determined to avenge Cihangir’s death, set out to track down Captain. The entire team joined forces to reach Captain. Neslihan, who had lost her brother, did not want anyone else on her team to be harmed, so she again clashed with Ömer over their goals. While Neslihan wanted to resolve the issue at the table, Ömer, with his eyes set on finishing his operation, set off for Germany with the team.

Ömer and Neslihan came face to face in the 93rd episode of Teşkilat series! 1 – omer determined to avenge cihangir s death

On the other hand, Neslihan was mobilized to keep the Kuru Kanal project alive, as the withdrawal of support from the partner countries for the project would lead to its postponement. Çetin, who announced that he was a candidate for the directorship of the project, said that he was determined to complete the project at all costs and that his son had died for this project.

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Çetin, who wanted to leave his retirement and start active duty again, also surprised Neslihan by saying that he would do everything he could to keep Ömer, whom he saw as the culprit of Cihangir’s death, away from the Teşkilat.

Neslihan, who had a hard time when the team fell into the hands of the German intelligence during the operation in Germany, made a deal to save Gizem, Pehlivan, and Korkut. Ömer, who captured Captain, also wanted to act in accordance with the agreement. However, a surprise person who appeared in front of the team and Ömer tried to prevent them from returning to Turkey.

Ömer and Neslihan came face to face in the 93rd episode of Teşkilat series! 2 – omers revenge teskilat

Ömer’s Revenge

Ömer’s determination to avenge Cihangir’s death was a driving force throughout the episode. He was willing to do whatever it took to get to Captain, even if it meant putting himself and the team in danger. His single-minded focus on revenge led him to make some rash decisions, such as going to Germany without backup.

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Neslihan’s Conflict

Neslihan was torn between her loyalty to the team and her desire to protect them from harm. She knew that Ömer’s revenge mission was dangerous, but she also understood his need for justice. Her conflict led to some tense scenes between her and Ömer, as they struggled to find common ground.

Neslihan’s Conflict

Çetin’s Betrayal

Çetin’s betrayal of the team was a shocking twist. He had always been a trusted member of the team, but it was clear that he was willing to do anything to get what he wanted. His betrayal could have serious consequences for the team, as it could lead to the exposure of their secrets.

The Surprise in Teşkilat series

The surprise appearance of a mysterious person at the end of the episode was a cliffhanger that will leave viewers wondering what will happen next. This person could be a friend or foe of the team, and their identity could have a major impact on the story.

Overall, the latest episode of The Teşkilat was another exciting installment in the series. It featured plenty of action, suspense, and betrayal. The episode set up several intriguing storylines for the rest of the season, and it will be interesting to see how they play out.