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New choices change the balance in the Tozluyaka series!

New choices change the balance in the Tozluyaka series!

The Tozluyaka series, which started on Fox TV screens in the summer, is among the best-selling productions of the season. The excitement continues in the series, which will meet the audience with its 13th episode tonight.

In the series, after Ali learns that his father is Kenan, his whole life falls apart. He has no intention of ever forgiving his mother. Likewise, disappointed Arap and Zeyno are devastated by their families. They find solace in each other.

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Kader and Bilal are looking for a way to tell the children about their relationship and get their approval. Saddened by Ali’s attitude towards his mother, Derya, Önder is her biggest supporter despite the great injustice. Although his son Ali does not accept him as a father after learning the facts, Kenan is the happiest in the story.

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On the other hand, the showdown between Mavi and Cemre is coming to the final stage, and time is running out for Cemre. There is only Berk next to Cemre. But is Berk’s behaviors real or fake?

Again, an episode full of unknowns and surprises awaits the audience. Tozluyaka is on FOX with its 13th episode on Sunday, September 25 at 20:00!