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Judgement (Yargı) TV Series

Judgement (Yargı) TV Series

Judgement (Yargı) TV Series, which will bring the story of Prosecutor Ilgaz (Kaan Urgancıoğlu) and Lawyer Ceylin (Pınar Deniz) full of twists and turns, brought together by a murder case, started on Kanal D on Sunday, September 19, 2021.


Original title: Yargı
English title: Judgement
Also Known As: Family Secrets
Genre: Drama, Psychological thriller, Police procedural
Episodes: 34 (each episode is 140 minutes)
Broadcast Network: Kanal D
Broadcast Period: 19 September 2021 – Present
Production Company: Ay Yapim
Director: Ali Bilgin
Starring: Pınar Deniz, Kaan Urgancıoğlu
Screen writer: Sema Ergenekon
Music: Toygar Işıklı
Filming locations: Istanbul, Turkey


Ilgaz and Ceylin, whose paths cross with a murder case, will have to act together to find the murderer, and this will create an irreversible breaking point in their lives.

The story, created with Sema Ergenekon’s 2 years of experience and research at the Courthouse, will greatly impress the fans of the series.


Ilgaz Kaya (Kaan Urgancıoğlu)

Ilgaz is a successful prosecutor who is famous for his honesty, adheres to the rules to the end, and is one of the best in his profession. He has a structure that has assimilated the values taught to him by his father Metin with his whole being and never makes any concessions directly. He is cold-blooded, distant and principled in his work, but his attitude towards his family is loving and protective. He lives the bond of brotherhood with Çınar, which he could not establish despite all his efforts, with his litle sister Defne, in its purest and most emotional state. Contrary to his own rule, he admires the rulelessness of nature, he is a true nature lover.

Ceylin Erguvan (Pınar Deniz)

While studying law, Ceylin rebelled against her father’s imprisonment as a result of injustice. For this reason, he became an agile lawyer who does not know any rules and pushes the limits for the values and truths he believes in. For him, every way to reach real justice is permissible. There is nothing he can’t do about it. He tries to keep his entire family afloat during his father’s absence. In a way, he became the head of the family. His father is very fond of Zafer. His sister İnci is his most precious. He loves her very much and tries to protect her from evil. But with the sudden death of his brother, he will find himself in an unknown.

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Metin Kaya (Hüseyin Avni Danyal)

Metin is the father of Ilgaz and Çınar. He is the homicide bureau chief in the police department. He is a police officer who is known for his honesty, adheres to the rules until the end, and is respected by everyone. He also instilled this in his eldest son Ilgaz. However, she never had a loving relationship with her son, Çınar, who was constantly in trouble. He blames him for the death of his wife, whom he lost a few years ago.

Yekta Tilmen (Uğur Polat)

Yekta; He is the founder of Tilmen Hukuk, a large law firm. He is famous for clearing all the dirty histories of the companies he works for. He believes that all the problems in the world can be solved if enough money is paid. She has a conflicted relationship with her son Engin, built on her own dissatisfaction, which has lasted almost since the day she was born.

Pars Seçkin (Mehmet Yılmaz Ak)

Pars is a prosecutor working at the same place as Ilgaz. He is also the older brother of Ilgaz’s fiancee, Neva. There is a one-sided rivalry with Ilgaz that has started since his university years. Now he is even more angry with her for being separated from his sister. He is an ambitious prosecutor and cannot bear to lose. According to him, he is superior to everyone else, this is always felt in his demeanor. Deeply he likes Ceylin.

Gül Erguvan (Zeyno Eracar)

Gül is Ceylin’s mother. She is a housewife. Although She seems like a passive character, she is actually more manipulative than she looks. The way she chooses to get what she wants is to act like she’s sick all the time. His relationship with his eldest child, Aylin, is closer than his other children.

Zafer Erguvan (Ali Seçkiner Buyer)

Zafer; He is Ceylin’s father. He tries to earn his living by fishing. He was wrongfully accused and imprisoned for 6 years and had to leave his profession as a ship captain. He has been free for a year. He lives by trying not to show anyone the pride, disappointment and anger of losing his job. Ceylin is her favorite child.

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Eren (Commissioner) Duman (Uğur Aslan)

Eren is Ilgaz’s best friend. In the police department, he is the commissioner in the murder bureau. He’s a good cop. Due to his profession, his circle of friends is very wide. His mouth speaks well. He is loved by everyone because he is funny and funny. He sees Ilgaz as his brother and Metin as his father. His wife Esra and their daughter are attached to Eylül with love. He is on good terms with Ceylin.

Aylin Erguvan Yilmaz (Pinar Caglar Gencturk)

Aylin is Ceylin’s older sister. She has been a favorite of Gül more than her other siblings since her childhood. He could not recover after losing his son four years ago. There is a tension between him and Ceylin due to the conflict that he created. Her world falls apart when she finds out that her husband is cheating on her.

Ece Yuksel (Inci Erguvan)

Pearl; He is Ceylin’s brother. He is a second-year student in the department of interior architecture at the university. He grew up without even getting a chance to get to know him properly because his father was imprisoned at a young age. Since his family’s financial situation is not good, he tries to get happiness and money in other ways. She is very fond of her older sister Ceylin, her mother takes her as a role model rather than her father. She trusts him the most.

Çınar Kaya (Arda Anarat)

Çınar is Ilgaz’s brother. He is the troubled child of the house. He works in a university canteen. In the past, the man has been prosecuted for injury and drug dealing. Due to these events and his mother’s death from a heart attack, he and his father Metin have always had a problematic relationship. He always sees the perfection of his older brother Ilgaz as a pressure on him. The only person he gets on well with at home is his sister Defne.

Engin Tilmen (Onur Durmaz)

Engin is Ceylin’s best friend. He is a lawyer. Despite the objections of his father, Yekta, a powerful and wealthy lawyer, he works with his classmate Ceylin. He is connected to Ceylin with strong ties, as they are always by each other’s side in difficult times. He is in an endless conflict with his father Yekta.