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Ezgi Mola is in the diaper commercial!

Ezgi Mola is in the diaper commercial!

Famous actress Ezgi Mola, counting the days to hold her son in her arms, signed a diaper brand.

Ezgi Mola is eagerly awaiting the day when she and her husband, Mustafa Aksakallı, will have their baby. After it was revealed that the successful actress, who is in the 6th month of her pregnancy, is expecting a baby, advertisement offers from baby product brands started pouring in. Mola signed an agreement with baby diaper brand Baby Turco Doğadan.

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The reason why Ezgi Mola accepted the advertisement offer is that the brand is local and natural. Finally, the commercial of Ezgi Mola, who gives life to a doorman with 2 children in the digital series Dünyayı Değiştiren Ayten (Ayten Who Changed the World) will soon meet with the audience.