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Ecem Çalhan joke that shocked in Tozluyaka!

Ecem Çalhan joke that shocked in Tozluyaka!

Ecem Çalhan became one of the prominent names with the character of “Cemre”, which she played in the TV series Tozluyaka, which was broadcast on Fox TV on monday evenings. It turned out that an interesting event took place in the last weeks on the set of the youth series Tozluyaka, signed by NTC Media.

A funeral scene was shot for Cemre played by Ecem Çalhan in the series as per the script. A detail during this scene surprised those who saw it. Tozluyaka’s screenwriter Yekta Torun had a wreath prepared for the funeral scene with her own name. When this situation drew a reaction, the wreath brought to the set was removed.

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It was brought to the agenda that the young actor was very upset when her role evolved into a bad character and his death due to the scenario in the series in which he played the leading role. Criticism of the drama has increased recently, as the screenwriter shaped the project based on the reaction of fans on social media.