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Birce Akalay’s new series project has been announced!

Birce Akalay’s new series project has been announced!

The new series project of the successful actress Birce Akalay, who completed the shooting of the second and third seasons of the highly acclaimed Netflix series Kuş Uçuşu (As the Crow Flies) has been announced.

The beautiful actress will play the leading role in the code named Eşiğin Ötesinde (Beyond the Threshold), which will be shot jointly by Kerem Çatay, the boss of Ay Yapım, and Lale Eren, the master TV personality. One of the surprises of the series is that Burak Müjdeci, with whom Birce Akalay worked in the Bird Flight series and got along very well, will sit in the director’s chair.

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The psychodrama series will be shot for Kanal D. Yekta Torun, the screenwriter of Tozlu Yaka (Dusty Collar), writes the series, which focuses on the story of the young generation. Negotiations with other actors who will take part in the project continue.