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Big change in the series Duy Beni, which is said to make finale!

Big change in the series Duy Beni, which is said to make finale!

Problems such as the short duration of the series that met with the audience in the last years on Star TV screens, the early finalization and the inability of the channel to reach the desired ratings were always discussed.

After Duy Beni (Hear Me) , which made a lot of noise in the summer season, the TV series called Yalı Çakını, which met with the audience in the new season, made a very effective debut and became the projects that made Star TV smile. The channel also has great expectation from the TV series “Gecenin Ucunda”, which is broadcast on Wednesday evenings.

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Two experienced names Berk Hakman and Ege Kökenli left a while ago from the TV series Duy Beni, starring the popular names of the young generation Rabia Soytürk, Caner Topçu and Helin Kandemir. While the departure of the two beloved characters from the series was met with surprise, the fate of the series, which was already difficult with its ratings, also caused concern.

Duy Beni - Episode 15

The series Duy Beni, which has received social media support from the very first day of its broadcast, has not achieved the desired success in the ratings, but has managed to become the agenda in the social media with every episode it aired.

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Makbule Kosif, Zafer Özer Çetinel, Okan Başar Bahar, Arzu Bıçakçı, Burcu Tatlıses, Feraye Gizem Kurt and Görkem Tüzün had wrote the script of the “Hear Me” series, the 15th episode of which will published this week. With a last-minute decision, the scriptwriter was changed!

Meriç Demiray, Cüneyt Bolak and Okan Başar Bahar will write the screenplay of the series “Hear Me”, directed by Ali Balcı and directed by Process Film, starting from the 15th episode! A new era will begin for Duy Beni, one of the most talked about series of social media!