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Are Alina Boz and Umut Evirgen getting married?

Are Alina Boz and Umut Evirgen getting married?

There are rumors that Alina Boz and Umut Evirgen, who have been together since July, will get married in November.

The relationship between Alina Boz and Umut Evirgen is heading towards marriage. Umut Evirgen, who made a name for himself with the movies he shot as well as business, started making marriage plans with Alina Boz, with whom he got along very well and was very in love. It is even rumored that the couple, who are hand in hand and eye to eye, might make a surprise and get married in November.

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On the other hand, many series offers went to Alina Boz. One of these TV series is “Tutsak”… However, the beautiful actress does not have a new TV series project that she said “yes” to yet. Boz, who makes frequent holiday plans with Umut Evirgen, is enjoying the happiness he has caught in his love life these days.