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Analysis of the first episode of the new series Kara Ağaç Destanı!

Analysis of the first episode of the new series Kara Ağaç Destanı!

TRT 1’s new series Kara Ağaç Destanı (Black Tree Saga), premiered on the evening of February 23rd. Spanning from 1950 to the 1970s, the saga unfolds the juxtaposition of good and evil, the world of existence alongside non-existence in the ancient lands of Anatolia.

Starring Olgun Şimşek, Emre Kıvılcım, Meltem Akçöl, Özlem Conker, Hakan Boyav, and Merih Öztürk, the series is produced by Hasan Karul, with Ufuk Hakan Eren in the director’s chair.

What happened in the first episode of Kara Ağaç Destanı (Black Tree Saga)? Here are the details of the events in the first episode:

Celal from Harran, despite being a powerful landowner of Kara Ağaç Destanı (Black Tree Saga), finds himself in trouble with Osman Ağa, who opposes him. Celal Ağa has Osman Ağa, who tirelessly works day and night to bring water to Black Tree, killed. The fate of Black Tree takes an irreversible turn when Osman Ağa’s wife and Celal Ağa’s wife give birth at the same time.

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On that night, Asiye gives birth to another daughter, but Naile, the wife of the steward who knows Celal Ağa’s longing for a son, fearing that Celal Ağa might harm Asiye and her daughters, swaps Raziye’s son with Asiye’s daughter. Celal Ağa gets a son named Ömer, while Sultan, along with Raziye, is exiled.

The disturbance caused by Salim’s camel collapsing in the middle of the village disrupts Celal Ağa’s peace. Meanwhile, years later, Sultan, Osman Ağa’s daughter, arrives at Black Tree with a vow of revenge. When the bridge she crosses collapses, Sultan falls into the Kanlıdere. Ömer, realizing the situation, jumps into the water and saves Sultan. Ömer hastily brings Sultan to the mansion for treatment.
Analysis of the first episode of the new series Kara Ağaç Destanı! 1 – kara agac destani

While the news of the dam construction in Black Tree causes unrest in the village, Celal Ağa makes a deal with Devranoğlu Latif Bey to prevent this situation. Celal Ağa tells Ömer that he will marry Latif Bey’s daughter, thus protecting his lands and ending the feud with the Devranoğulları. Ömer opposes this agreement.

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Sultan, upon learning that Ömer is Celal Ağa’s son, leaves the mansion without saying a word. While Ömer searches for Sultan everywhere, the belongings left behind by Sultan are given to Asiye. When Asiye sees Osman Ağa’s photo in Sultan’s bag, she realizes that her long-lost daughter is Sultan.

Meanwhile, everyone gathers in the village square to carry out Celal Ağa’s orders. Sultan ensures the supposedly ill-fated camel stands up, revealing that she is the engineer bringing the dam construction to the village. Ömer confronts the reality of who the girl in his dreams truly is.