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Alperen Duymaz’s new project has been announced!

Alperen Duymaz’s new project has been announced!

Ay Yapım’s eagerly awaited new series “Hayat Hırsızı”, directed by Hilal Saral, is getting ready to go on set in mid-July.Successful actor Alperen Duymaz, who met with Civan, the leading male character of the series, shook hands with the series.

The project, codenamed Hayat Hırsızı (Life Thief) and adapted from the “Avenida Brasil” series, is one of NOW’s ambitious projects. In the series written by Aybike Ertürk, Cemre Baysel plays Leyla, who goes to her stepmother’s house years later to work under the name Leylim to avenge her father.

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Gonca Vuslateri, one of the most influential actors of our country, will play Nur, Leyla’s stepmother. Cengiz Bozkurt will portray “Tufan”, that is, Tufo’s father, Selman. Halil İbrahim Ceyhan is in talks for the role of the football player Tufo in the series, in which Hilal Saral has meticulously determined the cast. Yiğit Kirazcı, who bid farewell to Cranberry Sherbeti at the end of the season, is being approached for the role of Nur’s forbidden love Mali.

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