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Alp Navruz goes to Morocco!

Alp Navruz goes to Morocco!

This season, Alp Navruz who appeared before the audience with the TV series Yürek Çıkmazı (Secrets of an Angel) will attend the event held in Morocco.

Alp Navruz renewed an agreement with the famous clothing brand Defacto, of which it was the face last season. The handsome actor, who decided to work for a long time because he contributed to the promotion of the brand, will go to Morocco in the coming days.

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Hespress, the leading media company of Morocco, said that Alp Navruz will go to Morocco on May 3, “Defacto gives you an appointment with Turkish star Alp Navruz at the Morocco Mall. Be there on that date!” announced with his words. As part of the event that Defacto will organize at Morocco Mall on May 3, Alp Navruz will also meet with his Moroccan fans.

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