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Alican Yücesoy returns to the screens with the Hayatımın Şansı project!

Alican Yücesoy returns to the screens with the Hayatımın Şansı project!

One of the ambitious projects of NTC Media in the new season, which has made a name for itself in the production industry with its projects, will be the Hayatımın Şansı (Chance of My Life). The project brought together Alican Yücesoy, Şifanur Gül and Musa Uzunlar.

The surprise name of the project was Alican Yücesoy, who preferred to be in digital projects in recent years. Yücesoy, who participated as a guest actor in the TV series Call My Manager and Jet Society, has been away from television since 2018, not counting these projects.

The project that convinced Alican Yücesoy, who is known as a master in character creation, to give up on this decision and to return to television series four years later, was the Hayatımın Şansı (Luck of My Life). We will watch Şifanur Gül and Alican Yücesoy in the lead roles in the new series of the season, which will attract attention with its story in the mafia, police and love triangle.

Hayatımın Şansı İlk Bölümüyle Yakında FOX'ta!

Şifanur Gül, one of the most successful names of the last period, will have an important experience in his career as a partner to Alican Yücesoy, who is much more experienced than himself. According to the promotional video published, Alican Yücesoy will give life to a taxi driver in the series.

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The series includes Alican Yücesoy, Şifanur Gül, Musa Uzunlar, Erkan Avcı, İlker Kızmaz, Kemal Uçar, Neslihan Arslan, Açelya Devrim Yılhan, Sermet Yeşil, Aslı Samat, Tuğçe Yolcu, Aslıhan Kapanşahin and Hale Soygazi.

The subject of the Luck of My Life series is briefly as follows; Yonca (Şifanur Gül) is a young mother in her mid-twenties trying to hold on to life with her youngest daughter Sare. On the one hand, he is struggling with the difficulties of life alone, on the other hand, he is dealing with the custody case of Sare’s biological father. When everything comes to a dead end, she receives a life-changing offer. Now a new life begins for Yonca. But this new road, which he does not know, has many hurdles.