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Aile series said goodbye to the screens with an unforgettable finale!

Aile series said goodbye to the screens with an unforgettable finale!

Show TV’s beloved series Aile (Family) concludes its 30-episode run, leaving viewers emotionally touched.

Show TV’s captivating series “Aile,” produced by Ay Yapım, wrapped up its journey last night with its 30th episode, receiving praise from viewers since its premiere. The final episode, where Aslan and Devin’s envisioned life takes shape and the Soykan family leaves behind their troubled past, concluded on a happy note, garnering accolades for its impactful scenes. The hashtags #AileVeda and #AsDev remained on the trending topics list for about 9 and 1 hour, respectively.

Crafted with an original screenplay by Hakan Bonomo, “Aile” was directed by Ahmet Katıksız and Gökçen Usta. The series, starring Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ and Serenay Sarıkaya, featured an ensemble cast including Nejat İşler, Canan Ergüder, Umutcan Ütebay, Yüsra Geyik, Alper Çankaya, along with seasoned actors Ayda Aksel and Nur Sürer. Aile with its compelling story and diverse cast, secured its place among the unforgettable television series during its 30-episode run.

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Aile series said goodbye to the screens with an unforgettable finale! 1 – Cihan s loss by aile series

After the attack following Yağmur and Bedri’s wedding, Cihan, who shielded Aslan, lost his life. The Soykan family was deeply shaken by Cihan’s loss. Aslan pursued Ferman, his brother’s murderer, and after capturing and killing Ferman, he avenged Cihan.


Time passed since the tragic event; Aslan and Devin learned the gender of their baby during a doctor’s check-up. The couple experienced great joy upon discovering they would have a baby boy, but this happiness was short-lived. Now, the real danger began for Devin and her baby.

The doctor explained potential risks to the couple, stating that Devin could lose her life. Fearful days filled with danger for both the baby and Devin started. Devin, facing life-threatening risks for herself and her baby, prepared for any adverse event during childbirth, even recording a video in case something happened to her.

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Aile series said goodbye to the screens with an unforgettable finale! 2 – one family restaurant aile series

Aslan, overwhelmed with emotions upon watching the video, raised the question of “Did Devin die?” in the minds of viewers during the final episode. While this possibility brought emotional moments for viewers, the truth was revealed shortly after. In the end, Aslan and Devin welcomed their son into the world safely, establishing the peaceful and happy life they dreamed of in Urla. They named their son Cihan.

The series concluded with Aslan and Devin opening the “Bir Aile Restoranı” (One Family Restaurant) in Urla, where the Soykan family gathered for a celebratory dinner, marking Devin’s birthday. These moments, set to the legendary song “Sevince” by Erkin Koray, brought smiles to faces, and “Aile” bid farewell to the screen with a happy ending.