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A master actor is a guest in the TV series Ömer!

A master actor is a guest in the TV series Ömer!

Starring Selahattin Paşalı and Gökçe Bahadır, the TV series Ömer, airing on Star TV on Monday evenings, once again proved how important it is to have a script that makes the audience believe in love. The kissing scene of Ömer and Gamze was marked in the 6th episode of the series, which came to the screen on Monday, February 27.

While the whole family, especially Ömer’s father, oppose the relationship between Ömer and Gamze, the love of the duo continues to flare up. But the obstacles they face do not allow them to come together. Ömer’s brother is determined to tell everything to Gamze’s mother, who is unaware of this relationship.

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After the explanations of Ömer’s brother in the new episode trailer of the series, the apocalypse breaks out in the house of the Gamzes. Gamze’s family wants to marry her and they find her a groom candidate.

Tayanç Ayaydın joins the series as a guest actor

In the new episode, Tayanç Ayaydın joins the series as a guest actor. The master actor will portray Gamze’s groom candidate in the series.

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Master actor Tayanç Ayaydın has done very successful works in the projects published under the titles “Once Upon a Time in Cyprus” and “Cyprus Victory”, which continued on the TRT1 screen for two seasons, and then took part in the Tozluyaka series last year.